Large Loss Restoration

When damage occurs to multi-family properties, the damage restoration process can be multi-faceted, as we coordinate with all of the different parties involved, including owners, tenants, managers, homeowners associations, insurance agents, and insurance adjusters.Contact us 24 hours a day when disaster strikes.

Site stability and safety, shoring, testing and temporary board up are just a few of the tasks we specialize in when it comes to restoring your property. Damage restoration needs can arise from many types of disasters. From water to smoke to mold to asbestos, we can clean it up and put things back to normal.

Fire restoration and smoke mitigation
Fire and smoke damage can disrupt lives and are always unexpected. Echo Construction Services, LLC utilizes a wide array of technologies to help in our restorative efforts and we use every ounce of that technology to your advantage.

Services in this area include:

  • Demolition and clean-up
  • Deodorization and re-build following fire
  • Inventory of restorable and non-salvageable items
  • Soft and hard goods cleaning and laundering
  • Data recovery (including hard drive/mainframe)
  • Document processing and salvage

As part of our contents restoration process, we can eliminate the worst smoke odors, and we offer a lifetime guarantee. Rather than mask the odor, we remove the source of it using a combination of cleaning solutions, odor counteractants, ozone, hot thermal fog, and de-smoke products.

Water, flood and sewage mitigation and restoration
We also have water damage and flooding response covered. Because flood waters and other water losses can contain gross contaminants and can lead to secondary damages, time and experience are paramount. We will guide you through your drying and dehumidification options, and work with you to find the best solution to mitigate not only your damages, but your risk exposure as well. We can help get businesses back to normal quickly, and without secondary damage caused by mold, fungi or microbial contamination.
After we’ve extracted all of the water or sewage, the restoration process can include:

  • Removing damaged contents for restoration
  • Dehumidification and drying
  • Odor removal (with a lifetime guarantee!)
  • Repair, restore, and rebuild as needed

It’s critical that the water damage restoration process is handled properly, in order to avoid mold issues in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about our damage restoration services.